Missouri Women Band Directors Association


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Name ___________________________________________  Date  _________________


Address  ____________________________________  Home phone ________________


City, St., Zip  ________________________________  School phone ________________


School _____________________________    e-mail _____________________________


Personal e-mail______________________________________________

Class:  1   2   3   4   5           Instrument  _______________  Years of experience  ______


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                        ________  Active Membership           $10  per year


                        ________  Affiliate Membership        $10   per year


                        ________  Student Membership         $  4  per year


                        ________  Patron Membership           $25 & up (donation per year)


                        ________  Corporate Sponsorship      $60 (donation per year)


                        Membership is maintained for one year from the date dues are paid.


Make checks payable to:  MWBDA

Mail to:  Jo Ellen Shroyer
 16655 Stanfield Rd.
 Boonville, MO  65233

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Membership qualifications for MWBDA:

1.        Active membership is open to all women actively engaged in directing bands and all women who have been band directors but are not presently directing a band.

2.        Affiliate membership is open to anyone who is connected with the instrumental music field as a private teacher, performer, clinician, orchestra director, or in any way other than directing a band.

3.        Student membership is open to women college students with a major in the instrumental music field.

4.        Patron membership is open on a yearly basis to any individual that is interested in and in sympathy with the purposes of the organization.

5.        Corporate sponsorship is open to any firm or individual who wishes to offer sustaining financial support to the Missouri Women Band Directors Association.